Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

I didn't make much for Christmas gifts.  I was far too busy and I haven't done a ton of sewing this year.  Too much stress and black dog on my shoulder.  Which is counter-intutitive because one of the things that makes the black dog go away is making something!!

I did make three pillowcases for the boyos and DH.  I found some of the Star Wars Christmas fabric at a JoAnn's I didn't even know existed. There wasn't much on the bolt and one was quilting cotton and the other was flannel.  I knew  I just had to buy it because I have never seen it in the stores before. At the cutting counter I realized it would be great for pillowcases!  And we needed a couple more Christmas pillowcases anyway.  My DH had seen the Thor fabric before and I thought it would be fun to make him a Christmas pillowcase for once.  I made that one in secret and had the boyos slip it on his pillow for him to find. Also, as I bragged to my sister, this fabric was in stash for fewer than twenty-four hours!  A record for me!

I designed this shawl for a Wellness class I taught at work.  It is Caron Cakes yarn and I cut out one of the colours that I didn't like.  I'm giving it to my niece the Wonder Pixie.  I also uploaded the pattern to Ravelry. My first pattern!  The Easy Eyelet Shawl.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Been a while. . .

I haven't posted since March?  Good grief!  Friday Tig and I dropped the guys off at Fry's and we ran over to Park Avenue Yarns.  They had these little Matchbox kits from Moda and Tig loved the bright yellow.  

I started working on it last night-it's super easy. But it turns out that Tig wanted to try to make it himself.  Ooops. Anyway, I started the quilting part and have marked out a line for him to follow.

This is the first of a pair of fingerless mitts I'm working on.  Now that I've finished one and started on the other I feel like this isn't showing off the best of this tweedy yarn.  I can't decided if I'm going to tear it out and knit it in stripes or what.

Well, today is Christmas eve!  Advent has just whoooshed by-I really need FOUR full weeks of Advent to get ready.  We haven't even used our wreath or candles and I didn't keep up with my Advent devotions.  Life is very full-I had a business trip, and the house was a disaster area and the kids are in school again this year.  It's crazy.  Still, my heart is full and I'm grateful.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring pincushions

It's amazing how fast you can make something when it has been packed away for a year and nearly complete.

Monday, March 20, 2017

It's a TOP

It's a finished top.  Well, I say finished.  I'm going to have to shorten the top and bottom borders-I think they are too long to fit the batting!  I bought a twin size batting on sale for this quilt.  Still need to make the back and then I can send if off to Karen the Quilter.

Friday, January 06, 2017

She may have been onto something. . .

So Susie may have been onto something!  This doesn't look bad at all.  It currently measures 87 x 58 as it lies in pieces.  When sewn together it will be a bit smaller.  I may do a stop border to go next to the binding.  So my goal now is to make all the blocks I will need-seven maybe?

Thursday, January 05, 2017

What to do what to do

So I was totally stuck on my Camp Peanuts quilt for Tig.   As I lay awake with insomnia the other night the first step occurred to me: Take the Darn Borders Off!
 This is how it looked with the borders on.  I mistakenly put these on thinking I was further along than I was. (Wishful thinking!)

So I took the borders off. Kind of a fresh start like. Not bad. If this was for a baby or toddler I'd probably stop here.

I had made several blocks, meaning to use them before adding the borders. Should I add them to the top or the sides?  My friend Susie recommended that I use them on the side and add the previously removed borders to the top and bottom.  That might just work.  I'll lay it out tonight. I'll probably remove the red sashing between the existing blocks.  In any case, more blocks must be made!

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Victorian Motto

I can't believe I forgot to include this project.  I really wanted to make it for my sister, and after a comedy of errors (on my part) and delayed shipping (usps grrr), she finally got it!  It was hard to get good photos as I was taking them indoors-and in a hurry!  This is embroidery on perforated paper. I'd really like to make one for me.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Goals for 2017

I haven't been sewing at all since August.  Things have gotten pretty crazy on the homefront.  But I plan to remedy that in the new year! So here are my goals for 2017:

  1. Cool Yule-Need to remake a couple blocks and then sash.
  2. Camp Peanuts-for my youngest son.  I cut and put border fabric on it before I was ready for it.  Doggone it!
  3. If I finish the above two quilts I am buying an Encyclopedia Galactica kit and making it!
  4. I'd love to make the Paper Shredder quilt.
  5. I'd also like to make one of my quilt kits that I have. (I have several!)
For knitting:
  1. finish Girly Girl Socks
  2. orange Classy Slip-Up socks
  3. possibly knit Peaks N Valleys socks (knit socks! book)
  4. Old Man of Storr shawlette (in S'mores yarn)
  5. Anniversary socks for DH


 It's a top!  My goal for my two week vacation was to get this to a top and here it is!