Happy Easter!

My Gma gave me this Easter Egg Tree many years ago. I store the glass eggs in a styrofoam egg carton. The eggs are really pretty but I don't particularly like the tree itself. The "carrot" next to the egg wreath is based on the Carrot Full o'Candy. I had seen those Reese's Pieces cellophane carrots at Target but they were huge! No way was the Easter Bunny bringing those to my boyos. I reduced the pattern to make them much smaller for my little ones and we filled them with some Skittles and SweetTarts Duck and Chicks. The boyos were thrilled. They also got a new Thomas the Tank engine pillowcase (I used Mary's pillowcase pattern again) and a train and a Thomas video. After finding their baskets I scraped Red off the ceiling and we went to Mass. (He actually had a good time and I think he likes that it is one on one time with Mama-I leave Tig home with Dada.) The pillowcases were a hit-they both insisted on bringing them to school for naptime.
The Jim Shore Gentlebunny is new. I bought it when we were out to tea with Gma. I just loved him, with his parted hair and waistcoat. A very proper Gentlebunny.
We had a great visit with Gma. We ate a lot and talked a lot. I told her she needs to come down on a weekend that isn't a holiday so we aren't so busy!


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