Kindergarten? Already?

So Red is about to turn 5.  That means kindergarten folks!  We met with his speech teacher, vice-principal and a kindergarten teacher before Christmas to talk about whether or not Red was ready.  Basically at public school the rule is "we like for them to be potty-trained".  DH was unimpressed.
However Red's teacher at the Montessori school didn't think he was going to be ready for K there because he's only had one year of preprimary.
What to do, what to do.
Well, today the Montessori school called and now his teacher thinks he just might be ready by fall.  Red has settled down and is doing the Work and yesterday wrote the letter b.  (That's what his teacher said anyway).  Plus all his friends are going into kinder and she's worried it might upset him or cause self-esteem issues.
So in the Fall it looks like Red will be in Kindergarten!


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