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Come on Autumn!!!

Here is my little autumn set up in my office.  It's still hot here but I am hoping that we will get a break from the heat soon.
This little quilt was a kit from the Quilter's Cottage out in Richmond.  I've had it for a few years but was always intimidated by all of the HSTs.  Well, I have gotten better at them and I pulled it out last Sunday afternoon and knocked it out!  It's 13 x 19-just the right size for a table.

Art deco love

This afternoon DH called me from an estate sale-he found two vintage sewing machines.  One was a Singer 15-91 and the other was a treadle.  I was really interested in the treadle but it was seriously rusty.  This one caught my eye though-look that that lovely art deco style!  The veneer is in terrible shape-they obviously used it as a plant stand and didn't protect the wood-even the back of the desk is messed up.  DH, however, thinks he can fix it up.  The little drawer on the left hand side actually has a pen tray and the original glass inkwell!  How could I not love this?  The stool is original as well and opens up for storage.  The serial number indicates it's from 1949.
This one isn't mine-I just grabbed it off someone's blog but see how  beautiful it could be?

Ready to go!

And here it is, ready to go up in my office.

All done!

Well, it's a top anyway!  Quilting tomorrow (I hope).

I really need a bigger design wall.

I'm trying to make a carpenter's star and get the colors laid out right.  Tight squeeze!!

Labor Day

Spent a beautiful Labor Day by the sea. . .it was really restful and there was a good breeze off the water.
The purple flag was out though-which means jellyfish!
DH amused himself by capturing jellyfish.  He caught about 30-you can see eight or so in this picture.  They were really small-fist sized or smaller but they still could sting!