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I swear we are living in the Plague House. Red and Baby Tig has swapped out getting sick ever since Sister went home in September. This month they have really ratched it up a notch and I have missed so much work taking them to the dr. Then I started running a temp on Sunday and have been out now for three days. I saw the PA yesterday and she thinks I have the flu. I dont think so. She gave me a z-pac to ward of any opportunistic complications and my fever is gone today. I hope it's just an upper respiratory bug and not the flu. I expect the boyos gave it to me. Bleech. I haven't been this sick in years. I have been so miserable I haven't even knit anything-not even while I was stuck waiting for the PA. That is pretty well sick. As sister put it: what a horrible way to use a vacation day!

Well, not much done.

Well, I havent done much on my list for the year-other than talk to the yard guy about the flower bed. I hope to surprise DH with it but that will be difficult as it will take more than one day for yard guy to do it.

Baby Tig has cut two teeth! I noticed them yesterday. I was thinking he was teething because he has been really rough during nursing lately. He also has thrush so we've just been having a great time. He is a very sweet baby though.

Today DH cut Red's hair for the first time. I was v. sad. I know he's nearly THREE! and it was about time but he looks so grown up. I miss that toddler boy look. My mom is going to kill me because she wanted to take pictures. And she's coming over this afternoon so she can kill me for not waiting until afternoon to do it.

I finished my bamboo socks. I am going to give them to my friend Pigwit for last year's birthday gift. I hope she likes them and that they fit. After I finish DH's scarf I plan to start a pair …

Things to do in 2008

clean one of Mom's closets a monthblog my projectssleep with DHteach DS#1 to talkcraft morefill in the front flowerbedorganize my atticorganize my homedeskorganize my closetwork on the baby books for *both* sonsI think ten is enough. Most of these I can do with just a little diligent effort. One of them, no. 6, I don't even have to do myself-I can pay the yard guy! There's a crying need for organization on this list. I have been worried about my mom's hoarding tendency and her house and am even more worried that I will end up the same way. I need to nip that in the bud!Well, Happy New Year to all. May this year be healthy and blissfully boring.