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Tree pinning

Here is a really dreadful picture of my tree with all the applique on it. I worked on it for hours getting each piece just so and had a ton of work to do for my quilt class the next day. Then as I moved it from design wall to the ironing board everything fell off. I sat down and cried and cried. Fortunately I had taken a picture prior to moving it so I had a record of where things went. I was able to get it back in order-mostly. Then I gave up and went to bed.

I rose early the next morning, had to have it all done before class, and cut the batting and the backing. Moved everything to the kitchen table and began to pin. Then I stabbed myself with one of the pins and began to bleed on the quilt! Why yes, I did freak out. I tried to get the blood out but found I was still dripping blood on to the quilt!

All was not lost. Sanity prevailed and I backed away from the quilt. Washed my hands and took myself back to the sewing room and did the rest of my homework and packed up my machine and all…


Was blown out of a tree due to high winds.

Bare tree

Am taking a class. Here's what I made today.

Sometime in April or was it May?

This is actually a 4 1/2 inch block. It's all the quilting I've done since my Gma died in March.

I'm hoping to change that soon.