Gratitude Friday

BonBon and I often talk about cultivating an attitude of gratitude.  There are so many annoyances throughout the day that we often lose sight of the good things.  Here are some things that I am grateful for:
  • that I have a good job that allows me to pay for not only our house but my sons' expensive Montessori school
  • that every time I turn the water faucet on I have good, clean water to drink
  • that my DH is willing to be the chief cook and understands that I am overwhelmed by the end of the day
  • that my sister got a vonnage phone so that it is a local call for me to call her in Europe nearly every day
  • that my parents live close by and love to spend time with the boyos
  • that the two people that are above me in the work hierarchy are of highest integrity and that I can trust them
  • that the boyos still  love cuddles and reading together
  • that my oldest son likes to go to Mass with me- he calls it Mass Day and asks eagerly for it
  • that my Gma is one of my closest friends-it's a privilege to have a friendship with my only surviving grandparent
  • that DH gets why I sew, knit etc and why I am so compulsive about it.


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