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My mentor's son

My dear friend and mentor Elaine lost her son to swine (H1N1) flu in November. I am posting her tribute to him and backdating this post to the day of his funeral.

I was gutted by Elaine's loss. I, also, have two sons and the thought of losing one of them is crippling. I cannot imagine how Elaine finds the strength to wake up each day and carry on. I still have drawings that little Raymond made for me when I worked for Elaine.

I am so terribly sorry that this funny young man has left this earth.

Elaine's Tribute to Raymond

Posted Nov 16, 2009 8:15am

At every rite of passage in Raymond’s life, his family has been right by his side with a few heartfelt remarks and on this occasion, despite our most profound grief, we want to share our feelings with the rabbi‘s assistance.

As many of you know, Raymond had his share of medical challenges since the age of 10, but over the past two years, he was in nearly perfect health. He even managed to graduate from Westbury High School in the top 14 p…

My first BOM

Well, it's November. Where's my BOM?? I'm impatiently waiting for my first BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop. They said that it was so popular they are giving everyone in the BOM a gift certificate to the shop! Which is super cool as I need to buy the backing for this quilt and one for my DH. Then, this morning, I couldn't find my confirmation for the BOM. Did I sign up? One email later confirmed that I had indeed signed up and that the first BOM should be out no later than Monday! I wonder which block we will start with? I hope it isn't the top left one. That looks involved. Actually a lot of those blocks look involved. Curses! What did I sign up for? Ah, well. It will all be worth it. And I really love that dear little house block.