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penny for your thoughts?

I spent most of Thanksgiving day stitching on this penny mat from Plum Creek Collectibles. I am hoping to have it finished this year!We spent Thanksgiving with The Poppas. They made a wonderful home cooked Thanksgiving meal and I ate way too much.

Friday I drove up to see my Gma. She's still in the rehab hospital. We're hoping she will get strong enough to move to a Senior apartment. However, my aunt and I took her to a dr visit and she ended up in hospital because she was dehydrated.

That'll teach 'em

So I was having trouble with the border on my pilgrims. I solicited suggestions from friends. Here they are:
leaves leaves leaves!no leaves! just leave it like it isI like the leaves. I like it the way it is. Either way will be great!one inch black border, three inches of leaves, back and bind in a medium goldscrew the border, just bind it in blackleaves are too busysuck it up and re-do the checkerboardAnd on and on and on.I have, seeing as how Thanksgiving is one week from today and we will be gone most of next week, have sent the Pilgrims to time out for being difficult.That'll teach 'em.


So, the checkerboard border didn't work. My little blocks were all wonky and it looked really dreadful. I ripped it out and tried to sew short lengths of the blocks but it still looked horrid.

So I thought I would try just a row of blocks. Umm. No. Don't like that either, especially at the bottom under the pumpkins.

DH recommended this for a border: