Sunday, March 22, 2015

getting started: auction quilt

I started pulling fabric for the Cub Scout auction quilt this week.  I had planned to use the Take a Hike fat quarter stack but as I started pulling all of my fabrics out and mixing and matching I ended up liking the fishing fabric the best.
  So I went out and bought two yards of batiks-one dark red and one grey.  I think it will look really good.  This isn't a  great pic of the fabric so after I get some blocks made I'll add another.
Used this week: 0 yards
 Used year to Date: 2.5 yards
Added this week : 2 yards
Added Year to Date: 7.5 yards  
Net for 2015: 3.0 yards

 Total spent YTD $55.60 (including S&H)

Monday, March 09, 2015

One more yard

Elementary Black Equations Yardage SKU# 5568-12
got a wild hair on Friday and decided to google and see if there were any new yarn shops in my area.  And lo! I found one in the little town where I went to High School.  It's called Park Avenue Yarns and it's fantastic!  I asked and found out that they have been there for four years.  They have tons of yarn, knitting needles that I've never even heard of, fiber for spinning, tapestry kits and fabric!  If they had bobbin lace supplies I'd really be sunk!  I managed to hold onto sanity and only bought one yard of fabric.  One of the ladies at work is expecting her first child and, as she is a mathematician, I really had to buy this fabric. Its's from Sweetwater, the Elementary line.  I don't know  what I am going to make yet, the baby isn't due until September, but I'm glad to have this on hand.

Used this week: 0 yards
 Used year to Date: 2.5 yards
Added this week : 1 yards
Added Year to Date: 5.5 yards  
Net for 2015: 3.0 yards

 Total spent YTD $37.60 (including S&H)

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Used this week: 2.5 yards
 Used year to Date: 2.5 yards
Added this week : 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 4.5 yards  

Net for 2015: 2.0 yards

 Total spent YTD $37.60 (including S&H)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Keeping track

I'm going to try keeping track of my fabric purchases this year.  I've been spending all my time knitting instead of sewing but I am planning to use some of the fabric I just bought to make a blankie for my niece's birthday on Sunday.  That will take 2.5 yards.  I also need to get cracking on the quilt I'm planning to donate to the Cub Scout auction.

Used this week: 0 yards
 Used year to Date: 0 yards
Added this week : 4.5 yards
Added Year to Date: 4.5 yards  

Net for 2015: 4.5 yards

 Total spent YTD $37.60 (including S&H)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

finished scarf

 I have been home sick with the "Carolina crud" since my last post.  For the first two days I felt so terrible I didn't do anything but lay in bed and cough and blow my nose.  On the afternoon of the third day I started feeling a little more human so I started working on the Multidirectional Scarf reknit. I just finished today and still need to weave in the ends. The black/grey/maroon scarf is one I knit for DH several years ago.  It was wider and shorter than my green one but I wore it instead of the green.  Now I can finally enjoy my green one.

As you can see, I nearly ran out of yarn!  I was really worried that I had made it too wide and was going to have to rip it all out and reknit it again.  I even starting weighing the yarn to see how much it took to finish one of the triangles.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

this used to be a scarf

This used to be a Multidirectional Scarf-at least it was until yesterday.  I knit it too narrow-about 4.5 inches and almost never wore it-and it was too long like spaghetti.  Instead I wear the one I knit for DH.  So yesterday I took it to the beach with me to unravel during our Pooh and Piglet Picnic.  It was a little tough to unravel as Noro Kureyon is very grabby-it broke a lot too.  But I think if I knit it about 8 or 9 inches wide I will get a lot more use out of it.

I've been feeling very knitty lately.  I ran out of yarn of the feather and fan socks so need to find something to finish the toes.  And I need to reknit the toes on DH's latest blue socks.  And I'd really like to knit two pixie caps for babies that I know.  My brother and his wife are welcoming daughter #3 today and she needs a cap from Auntie!

Monday, January 05, 2015

today's doings

Well, I patched two pairs of pjs for Tig-he is so rough on his clothes! And shaved all the pills of a hand-me-down dinosaur sweater (he's really into dinosaurs right now).

I also walked a mile on the treadmill.

So I get an A today!