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No. 10

This photo is a little washed out but here's block number ten.  I haven't made the 30's block yet. Two blocks yet to go!
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And other projects. . .

So I'm working out some sizing issues on my Goose Chase quilt.

And I have made a good start on my scarecrow quilt.  I actually fused everything down Saturday afternoon and took it to embroider on at my mom's for movie night.  This picture was taken before I started stitching.  After I get a little farther I'm post a better pic.

More Ramonas

My September blocks.  I knocked these out yesterday so I will be ready for our Ramona group this upcoming Saturday.

Springtime Showers

I can't remember when I started this but I love the fabrics.  The pattern is the Springtime Showers Mini quilt from Polka Dot Chair.  I've had the focus fabric forever-like ten years and never found the right project for it.  I'd like to make one for my sister as well using this fabric:  I love it so much!!!!  I kinda want to make something with it for me too!!!!

Chocolatier update

I like to keep myself motivated and realized I haven't touched this project in ages!  I got sidetracked by my nephew's eagle quilt-or maybe it was the Ramonas.  Anyway I made these blocks in February and never posted them.  I also cut out more blocks and they've been sitting on my cutting table ever since!  I need to just knock them out so I can finish this darn BOM. So to encourage myself I've made another checkoff jpg to keep me going.

goose chase

As I am finishing up the binding on my nephew's eagle quilt, his sister has been talking more about her graduation quilt!  My Magpie will be graduating in December and she's really excited about her quilt.  I'm going to use this pattern, Goose Chase by Mark Lipinski.  This was published in Quilty magazine (July/August 2013).  Magpie has always liked flying geese blocks so this is the perfect quilt for her.

We went shopping yesterday (Labor Day sales) and bought seven  or eight different turquoise fabrics.  I'll sub turquoise for the black and red for the pink.  She also asked that I use a white on white text fabric instead of flat white.  Boy, that girl really knows what she wants!

Love me some 30s!

I just love me some Thirties!  This brown print with the little girl ironing is one of my very favorite fabrics ever! Each month I make one block out of the Civil War repros that come with the BOM and then another with my thirties.
They are going to be so sweet together when I finish the BOM.