New totebag

Magpie finished her new totebag Saturday. She did almost all of this herself. I only helped with pinning and the topstitching. She's becoming quite accomplished. She can chat knowledgably about boxing and seam allowances-she even reminded me to "add an inch" when I went to measure blocks on a quilt that a friend had given me.

Upon completing the totebag, in true quilter fashion, Magpie immediately began cutting out squares for her next project. She's taking the FQ bundle she suckered me into buying on the shop hop and making a quilt for her little sister. I'm cutting and making Jaynie's quilt at the same time so we had a long discussion on what size squares to cut and how many we will use for each quilt. I won't see her for two weeks so she wanted me to delay sewing Jaynie's quilt until then. I told her I couldn't wait as I'm not sure when Jaynie is having her surgery and I really want to have it ready for her when she does.

I'm really proud of Magpie for sticking to her project and doing such a good job. My mom said that Magpie showed off her bag Sunday and that she's really proud of it.


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