Leaves, leaves, beautiful leaves.

DS took a really long nap Friday evening so I started knitting the Leaf Edged Baby Hat . It is an easy enough pattern and I really enjoyed watching the leaves form. I added a leaf repeat as DS has a big melon for a 9 month old baby. He gets that from DH! Hopefully I will be able to make the adjustments to the pattern as I go along. I am a little confused by one part. It says that after completing the edging to pick up 96 (or in my case 110) stitches around the straight edge on the WS and then to knit rev. stockinette stitch for four rounds. I'm confused because I understand that I want to fold the hat along the rev. stock. sts but then I want it to be just regular stockinette for the rest of the hat. I just can't wrap my mind around this for some reason so I am just going keep going with what I think is right. I am also a little worried about running out of yarn. I am using some of my early handspun that I recently recovered from a early knitted hat. Actually, it was my very first knitted object and I tried to do two colour knitting. But I didn't carry the floats properly so I could not wear the hat. Whenever I can get around to getting a photo account somewhere I will add pictures to illustrate the damage!

I also knitted a little on my Multi-D scarf. I really like the Noro. It is such a springy yarn. I keep squeezing it. I may have to knit a matching hat out of it just so I can keep using the yarn.

I keep thinking of things I want to knit or that I need to knit. Sister sent me a hat she started for our SIL that she would like me to finish. My sister knits so tightly- this hat is practically bulletproof. I don't know how I am going to match her gauge. I like to tease her about being so tightly wound up that it tightens her gauge. She's currently knitting a tea cozy that looks like a cottage from Knitter's Stash. She said the pattern recommended an 11 needle but she's doing it on a 10 because all she had was a 10 or a 13. I told her that she should switch to the 13! So she did. I really hope that the cozy felts properly!


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