Here book, book, book. . .

My favorite knitting book is Folk Socks by Nancy Bush. Several years ago I had to go to Utah for work and decided to bring along my copy to have autographed. I spent most of my time in Provo, UT and was packing to return home via Salt Lake City when I realized my book was missing! Horrors! It must have been stolen! I called and told my (then) DH how upset I was that someone had stolen my book. He calmly pointed out that it was highly unlikely that someone had stolen a knitting book. (What does he know?) I went to SLC and met Nancy Bush, briefly, at the Wooly West and even showed her the sock I was knitting. (Item: I was knitting the Ukrainian socks and had done the peasant heel wrong.) She was v. nice but I was upset that my book was Gone Forever.

When I returned home the book was laying on the bed where I had been packing my suitcase for the trip. This is a book that likes to get lost. I think I have lost my copy no less than seven times. It is currently lost. I think part of the problem is that I bring it to work sometimes and can never remember if it is at work or home. I was looking for it this time because I wanted to do a star toe on the spiral tube socks for DS. So I called Sister:

"I've already looked under the bed and can't find my copy of Folk Socks. Can you give me the directions out of your for the Star Toe?" After laughing at me she did so and I have finished one sock for DS.

It looks like he is wearing a bright red cast on his leg! I cast on this arvo for the second sock so soon he will be wearing TWO bright red casts! I am glad he is too small to tell me what he will and won't wear!


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