Time to clean house!

I share my sewing area with my DH so I have less than half of a very small bedroom. Happily, DH gave me the closet side-and even removed the doors for me. It's gotten to be such a mess! I've got a laundry basket full of fabric that needs to be washed-mostly Jo Morton! I'm cutting up DH's old jeans for a raggedy quilt so I have many pairs of those lying around-and one pair to be mended. Mustn't confuse those!

I spent much of Sunday afternoon reorganizing and washing fabric. I really need to move out all of my spinning stuff out. I haven't been doing it much since I had the boyos and those tubs of wool take up a lot of space. Why on earth do I have so much? I remember that one tub is full of samples of wool from all different kinds of sheep. I should go ahead and finish that sample notebook so I can enjoy it!

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