New hat and what ya gonna do?

New hat for Red due to the Great Kayak Capsize of 2011: Of course, we capsized in about three inches of water at the beach but it was enough excitement to lose a hat. Actually, we lost two but the guy that helped me right the kayak picked up Tig's hat.

I used the pattern from the Oliver + S book, Little Things to Sew. I bought the book expressly to make this hat because Red has a big head and it's hard to find bucket hats that fit. The pattern only goes up to 21 inch size and his melon is 21.5, so I embiggened the pattern. It fits me as well, although I will make the crown deeper for me. I also didn't follow the construction of the hat. I made two hats and then sewed them right sides together, turned, and closed the opening on the brim. Then I did a million rounds of sewing on the brim. I also only used interfacing on the rocket ship side-mainly because I did the rodeo side first as a fit check and didn't want to waste the interfacing if it didn't fit. Red is thrilled but claims he won't wear it kayaking because he doesn't want to lose it. I can always make more!

And in somber news, my local-est LQS is closing: Quakertown Quilts. They announced it in their newsletter last week. They are keeping their online business as well as their second location (about a 90 minute drive away). Am very disappointed to hear it. However, for the last few years they have had very little stock. So much so, that even though I tried to give them my business I often left the store empty-handed. The Summer Sampler is through this store and we can buy the blocks from the other location and pay shipping. QQ has been around for twenty years. Their liquidation sale starts on Thursday with 25% off everything. Sad.


Aggiequilter said…
I got the email from QQ too, I was sad to hear of their closing but not surprised. Quakertown was the first real quilt shop I ever visited (20+ yrs ago).
We noticed the same on our stops there in the last year or two, the selection was ever smaller and uninspiring. The last time I stopped by a few months ago, I couldn't find a single thing I wanted to buy. I wondered how they could be staying in business. Now I guess we know! The Woodlands store is too far from me too, about 50 mi. ea way.
Bye bye Quakertown!

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