A day off

So I had scheduled Thursday and Friday off this week to spend with Magpie for her birthday. Unfortunately her parents muddled her visitation dates which left Magpie sobbing-Oh the drama of a young teenage girl! I swapped my Thursday for Monday, her actual birthday, and now Magpie is all smiles again.

So today I slept in until 10-and so did the kids! That never happens. Then we breakfasted on homemade granola, homemade yogurt, homemade strawberry jam and home baked bread. All very good except the bread. It used to be my favorite recipe and this loaf was not so good. It was fairly salty and I used the recommended amount of salt. I lingered over my tea in my pjs. Then Tig and I dressed and went over to my LQS. They are closing and I wanted to find out about the summer sampler I've been doing. Tig picked up a few FQs with tires and tractors and I found a Jo Morton book. I also found out that I will have to mail order the remaining sampler blocks and pay shipping. V. irritating. I don't mind paying shipping if it's reasonable but this will be more than the block costs! Ah well. It's either that or don't finish the sampler.

This afternoon we are just hanging out at home and eating ice cream. But tonight Magpie and I are off to see The Mikado!

ETA: We had a great time at the Mikado last night. Pooh-Bah was excellent-the best I've ever seen. I actually think he was better than Alastair Donkin as KoKo. This season is also the last time that Ralph Katz will sing the Mikado. He is retiring this year. I did notice that he had to force a little to sing but obviously he was enjoying himself-and so were we!


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