Shop hopping

Well, my sister has gone home and tomorrow I go back to work after a week of Spring Break. She was busy in the morning on her last day so I took myself off on the local shop hop. There are twenty stores on the shop hop and Friday I went to seven of them. Silly, huh? The first shop was Little Stitches-very nice folks at this shop. Actually there were very nice folks at every shop! They have this monthly BOM that I am thinking of joining as I love love love these patchables! I bought one of the patchables that isnt in the BOM and I think I will call tomorrow to find out if I will start with the Chocolate Bunny one if I sign up now.

Then I went to the Quilter's Emporium. This shop was kind of set up like an old fashioned general store with black furniture and big checkout desk. They had TONS of fabric and a lot of Civil War stuff plus wool felt kits and buttons etc. Nice folks here too. I bought some buttons and a couple FQs here.

Then I drove out the the Feathered Star which is located in an old house. Very cute store. I bought some Valentine FQs here. As the store is an old house you get to roam around and explore-v. fun.

Next up was Quilt N Sew Studio. They gave out kits to make little pressing pads. This shop is tucked away in the corner of the shopping center and is larger than it looks. They had a neat display quilt that is like a swirl-I need to see if there is a pic on their website-and see if they have a class on it.

After this one I took a long drive out to Quilter's Cottage. I think the lady said they had 16000 sq feet in this store. I drove right by it at first. I bought some FQs here, mostly 30's, and some jelly bean fabric. I'm hoping to make a paperpieced Harry Potter quilt someday and will need some Bertie Botts!

Afterwards Magpie called me and wanted to know when I could come have lunch with her, mom and Sister. Well, I was a good hour away at this point! So we agreed on a time, that I could realistically make, and on I drove. I was actually early so I stopped at Quakertown Quilts for my passport stamp and bought a couple of FQs and a new book: Gone to Texas. This book takes portions of a woman's diary from the Texas settlement and makes quilts similar to what she talks about in the diary. V. cool.

After lunch we headed off for manis and pedis. I got my first pedi. I really intensely dislike anyone touching my feet but I was in serious need. The pedi was actually pretty good but I don't think she did that great a job of painting my nails.

We stopped by one more quilt store, Sew Contempo, on the way home so I could get my stamp-seven for the day! I bought the shop block fabric here as Magpie really liked it. Then we headed off the my parents' to get Sister's bags and get her across town to the airport.

Tig fell asleep as soon as we got him strapped in his carseat so he didn't cry when we dropped sister off. Magpie, however, cried for about twenty minutes. Poor girl. It's hell to be thirteen. To cheer her up I took her to Cafe Japon, a sushi place she is always talking about. She ordered white rice. ????????? She constantly surprises me with the stuff she does. She's always talking about this place so I figured she liked sushi. Nope. Won't touch it.

Ah well, tomorrow I will detail our adventures on Day 2 of the shop hop.


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