More hopping

Saturday, Day 2 of the Shop Hop, started out later than I had planned. We didn’t get enough sleep (but Magpie and I agreed that for our next sleepover she will sleep at her dad’s house and I will sleep at my house) and staggered out late for Coffee with Dad. Tig joined us for the day as DH and Red were off camping.

Our first stop of the day, after driving for over an hour in the rain, was Time Treasured Quilts. Magpie liked this quilt store because they had cake balls. I liked it because they had the Prints Charming spaceship fabric I have long coveted for 50% off! I bought three yards against the day the boyos reject ducks and penguins. I also collected some FQs of different pebbles and rocks: again for the Harry Potter quilt.

Stop two was The Hen House. I had a little trouble with the Tom-Tom-Go but we eventually made it even though it was still raining. I visited this shop once previously with my dear Pigwit. I was looking for some cute hats that I saw at the Quilt Festival that I thought might have been sold at this store but no luck. We didn’t buy anything here and Tig was at his most uncooperative.

Next up was a brief stop at Quakertown Quilts in The Woodlands. Nice folks, cute but small shop. Still raining.

Stop four: Quilter’s Quarters. Again, a small shop tucked into a shopping center. Very nice folks. I bought more FQs and the Antique Quilts magazine. I also bought two chances on a raffle quilt that was handquilted. Probably should have bought more. Found out today that a friend up here at work knows the woman who did the handquilting.

Stop Five: Sew Many Things. This shop was Magpie’s downfall-she fell in love with a FQ bundle so I bought it for her. Heh heh, I’m teaching her to stash! I also acquired some more FQs and a yard of fabric. This shop was also in an old house and the folks were very nice too.

We were pretty tired by this point but my OCD kicked in and we hit two more stops:

It’s a Stitch in Humble which is huge! I bought a Trick or Treat panel that I’ve been wanting (on sale!). One of the sales ladies gave Tig a square of cow print minkee which he is still carrying around. They were very nice here too.

Then finally, The Quilt Room in Huffman. My resistance was down here and I bought 11 FQs. Mostly rocks, bricks and doors but also some cute birds. They were really nice here and gave us bottles of water. DH liked their class list and wants to go take a class there. It is over an hour’s drive from our house though. I was exceedingly tired after a long day of driving and looking.

Sunday morning I was leafing through my Shop Hop booklet before Mass and I put it back in my purse before I left the house. DH was startled: “you aren’t shop-hopping again today, are you?”

Frankly, I just don’t have that kind of stamina.


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