Getting closer!

Yesterday I made it through about a quarter of row 5 on the border on the sweater! I would have done more but I was starting to get impatient and cross and I had a ton of housework I wanted to do. Will work on it during lunch today.

Yesterday I did four loads of laundry, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, washed all of the baby bottles AND sterilized them, cleared off my dresser and cleared off my desk. The last is a minor miracle because it has been covered in junk since the day I moved it into my bedroom. Now I would like to ruthlessly go through all my bookshelves, go through my closet and move my sewing and craft stuff out of the kitchen. Maybe even put the sewing machine up on my desk so I can use it more often. Crazy!

DH also reminded me that we need to get moving on the attic. He wants us to put up some insulating panels to see if it helps with our AC bill this summer. I want to go through our storage tubs up there. I have some clothes that I would love to wear up there as well as some things for the boyos and they are all in numerous matching grey tubs. I have one outfit that I bought for Red but it was the wrong size and season so he never wore it. It would be PERFECT for Baby T and I would like him to wear it for his picture in two weeks!

ETA: I just realized that I accomplished one of my goals for the year! #8 on the list is organize my homedesk and I did it! Now I just need to finish plotting with the yard guy. . .


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