Things to Remember

  1. As an INFP, I need to remember that I need to find instrinsic motivation in a task. Procrastination has been my enemy since last April. As I'm not motivated by extrinsic motivation, I need to find what does motivate me.
  2. I will spend this semester in FTCM learning. If I continue to be interested then I can apply to UD for the Fall.
  3. I chatted with the FTCM instructor briefly last night. I told her I thought the program would be more academically rigorous. She said that this first portion isn't meant to be-it's to ease us into our study. So I'll give this a go.
  4. My DH is totally awesome for supporting me. I'm currently teaching on Mondays, taking a class on Tuesday, and will be teaching on Thursday evenings beginning in February. He's totally cool with it.
  5. Last night I made cards with Red's spelling words on them. He was NOT pleased at all. Even chocolate failed to bribe him. DH said he did work on the sight words with him but Red was not pleased.
  6. We took the boyos to Seawolf Park on Monday. We had a great time but I didn't take any pics! Can't believe that. But I did journal it in my moleskin.
  7. Am about to leave for a meeting. What's a nice girl like me doing in a job like this? LOL


Hi Kigwit! Thanks again for visiting my blog.
I did end up posting the vaccine blog, which you mentioned being interested in. You can view it here.

What does FTCM stand for?

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