Maybe quilting isn't the hobby for me.

I worked on Tig's quilt yesterday. I sewed on two strips of Duck Duck Goose text-but I didn't match the text where I had to piece it. I just zipped them on.

Yep, it looks horrible. Yep, I hate it. Yep, DH agreed that it looks like ass.

I would save a lot of time if I would just start out as I plan to finish.

In the afternoon we went to the beach for a Pooh and Piglet Picnic. The weather was great and we did a little beachcombing. Magpie convinced her dad to bring the cousins so we had eight of us down there. It was a nice afternoon but I was so sleepy on the way home-and I was driving!


Joy said…
I totally have the same problem! I'm too productive for my own good sometimes, and I need to balance my speed with some of Alec's methodical-ness.
Kigwit said…
So glad to know that I'm not alone!

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