Happy Birthday to Us!

Well, yesterday was my DS's first birthday! He is such a sweet baby. We are so lucky to have him. His class at the Montessori school is too young for cupcakes so I brought them for the staff. I also lugged cupcakes up to work to share with everyone. They kinda feel like DS belongs to them too. I love my DS so much. I had given up ever having a pregnancy that ended with a real live baby and now I have DS.

My DH totally surprised me on my birthday. I had ordered myself a gorgeous Ott-lamp (which I have yet to set up) so I figured that was it. Well, DS and I came out of the shower on my birthday and on my pillow DH has placed cherry poptarts, oreos, a box of blueberry tea, two bars of bittersweet chocolate, a sweet card and a bunch of carnations. It was so sweet. I started to cry. Then in the hall leading from the bedroom he placed the gift bag and card from his parents. My sweet guy.

My parents gave me a bunch of etc including a 100% genuine mom t-shirt. AND a copy of Big Girl Knits.

This book is fantastic. Other than the fact that I am the smallest size (I am a 12 with breastfeeding breasts) it has great information on how to fit curvy women. And not just for sweaters. This info is good for all aspects of the Curvy Girl's wardrobe. LOVE this book. There were several cute tops that I am thinking about. I would love to knit an orange sweater in the Bombshell pattern. I think every woman who is size 10 or above should get this book. REAL women with REAL breasts wearing REAL clothes. I get so irritated at knitting mags that only have stick girls modeling. Get real- the average sized woman in the US is a size 14. I get so tired of non-fitted sweaters for sticks.


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