Late April Yarn Crawl

I finally went to visit Mary Charles Yarn. I have to admit I was disappointed. It's a small shop but didnt have much in the way of yarn or needles! I saw lots of Debbie Bliss and Big Sky and some novelty stuff. I looked for sock yarn and they had one largish basket . But it was all the same stuff. Not the same brand but identical balls of yarn. I probably wont go back there.

I also went to see Nancy Knits. I've felt badly for her as she had such a cute shop and now is crammed into a tiny store. I've always found her to be friendly and she recognized me from last summer (new baby is keeping me from knitting). She's really trying her best to make the shop welcoming. I noticed that the shelves and drawers are now labeled with prices and she offered to order me a pattern I'd like to get. She's hoping to get a better online presence so people can find her again. I hope she can get into a better shop situation someday and that people dont just write her off. I bought two orphan balls of sock yarn (for DS) and one ball of Sirdar Snowflake Magic. The Snowflake is kinda hard to knit with but I already had one ball and I am hoping to get a cute balaclava pattern for it. I saw one that was like a little dinosaur and that would be so cute on DS.


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