Now for some quiet time.

We've had two birthdays and Mother's day in the last three weeks. I am glad to have some quiet weekends for a while. My DH gave me a sweet card and a bouquet of daisies and said that he would get me whatever gift I wanted. I couldn't think of what I wanted and then I realized what I want. I want TIME. I want some time to sleep and I want some time to sit and knit. We are so busy with work (and our days are longer in the summer) and family that we really don't have any down time.

Last Tuesday DH had an doctors appointment in town and wanted me to come. On my morning off. *sigh* So DS and I loaded up and went with him. As a little thank you he drove us out to Katy afterwards to visit Yarntopia. We got there before they opened so we had a donut breakfast (and DS had his first donut holes! He really enjoyed those). Yarntopia is a nice shop. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have much in the way of sock yarn. They had some Jawol and Wildfoote. They also had a lot of Onlinie and some thing else I can't remember right now. They also had some Cascade 220 superwash. I'm glad to have a semi-local source for that. The only thing we bought was a ball of Encore DK in maroon. I had one ball already but needed another so I can knit some gloves for DH at some point. They also have some lovely HandMaiden yarn. Gorgeous but I couldn't justify buying it right now.

I wish I could find my dream knitting shop. I want one that is full of every kind and every colour of sock yarn. Believe it or not, I do knit things other than socks but I covet all the sock yarn I see is blogland. I just wish someone local would start carrying Socks That Rock.


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