Not a great deal of progress but still . . .

Somehow I ended up spending most of the weekend helping my parents. I don't know how that happened. One little "can you fix this problem with my computer" and the whole weekend disappeared. Oh well.

haven't touched the orange blankie for DS. I suspect I wont get near that one until after Easter.

Have turned the heel and am knitting the gusset decreases on sock #1 for DH.

And am turning the heel on Sock #2 for me! If I can get that heel finished I will treat myself to a stash dive this weekend for MY next pair of socks.

Have also decided that I am NOT going to knit for DH for a while after I finish the purple socks. He's is a Wool-Pig for sure and he loves that I knit for him. BUT. He rarely wears what I knit him. I mean, yes he did wear a pair of handknits that day we were married but generally he likes to pile up, gloat over and hoard his treasure of handknits like Smaug the dragon did over the dwarvish treasure in the Hobbit. V. irritating. I want him to wear what I knit him.

On the other hand, DS wears what I put on him. So I know he is getting mileage out of his handknits.

And I wear handknitted socks almost every day. Soooooooooo, that means I get more. Right?


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