What to do what to do

So I was totally stuck on my Camp Peanuts quilt for Tig.   As I lay awake with insomnia the other night the first step occurred to me: Take the Darn Borders Off!
 This is how it looked with the borders on.  I mistakenly put these on thinking I was further along than I was. (Wishful thinking!)

So I took the borders off. Kind of a fresh start like. Not bad. If this was for a baby or toddler I'd probably stop here.

I had made several blocks, meaning to use them before adding the borders. Should I add them to the top or the sides?  My friend Susie recommended that I use them on the side and add the previously removed borders to the top and bottom.  That might just work.  I'll lay it out tonight. I'll probably remove the red sashing between the existing blocks.  In any case, more blocks must be made!


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