What I have been doing. . .

This is the finished scout quilt.  I made it to auction at the Cub Scout spaghetti dinner.  It went for $70 which, I am happy to say, was the biggest ticket item in the auction.  It felt weird to have one of my quilts go to someone outside of the family though.  I'm collecting more scout fabric so I can make additional quilts in the future.  It's hard to find because it's out of print.  Wish I could find the cub scout print!
 Here is my pile of knittings.  Believe it or not there is a baby bib, baby hat, peanut rattle, pair of my socks and a single sock for Tig there.  Obviously I have some loose ends to finish up! I've done most of this knitting in the car, waiting at stop lights. 
And here is my SIL holding my adorable niece.  I'm teaching her and my brother how to wear the baby.  I wore my boys until my back protested and it was a great experience.  No one touches the baby with their dirty hands when you are wearing them!  It's so snuggly to have a baby like this-plus your hands are free so you can do stuff around the house or shop easily.  As you can see my niece is fair skinned-she's fairer than her big sister and baby has light brown, nearly hazel eyes and big sister has big brown ones.  I hope she has curly hair like her big sister!  Big sister has lovely curly hair the color of milk chocolate. lovely!


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