I've been without my sewing machine for over a week.


I broke my needle plate and snapped off one of the feed dogs on my beautiful Janome.


By mending jeans for DH.

Arrrgh.  Thankfully it will only be around $100 for the parts and repair but I told DH that if he wants any more denim mended he's to buy me an industrial sewing machine.

Ugh.  It's a really bad feeling to look into your sewing machine and see springs.

I should get it back one day next week. So I've been sewing on DH's Kenmore.



Patti said…
Oh you poor girl! As you are aware, I know just how you feel! Be glad it isn't your only machine - I know I was glad I had another.
Houseelf said…
Ouch! I hope you have lots of other projects you can be working on while your machine is repaired. Huge sympathies.

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