I didn't think I liked this Schnibble.  But after seeing so many Docs around blogland it grew on me.  I thought it was too complicated and I wouldn't be able to make it.
 I appreciate folks who showed how to lay it out before sewing.
 It sure helped to keep checking as I went along. 
 Isn't it cool how it goes together?  I can't get over how it works.

I really needed a runner for Gma's china hutch and I definitely wanted one for summer!  So here is my RWB Doc Schnibble!  It is mostly Jo Morton fabrics with one or two scraps of other fabric.


Quilt Hollow said…
Your comment at my blog was perfect! I'm glad you did comment as now I found yours!!
Michele said…
The Doc's grew on me too! The more of them I saw, the more I loved them :-) Your version is lovely. The colors you used worked so well with the pattern.
Denise in PA said…
Oooh, Doc looks great in these fabrics!!
Dee said…
Your table runner looks great! This was my first time making the card trick block and I was afraid it would be super complicated, but Carrie's directions were nice and clear. I like the fabrics you used and the patriotic colors. Nice job!
Houseelf said…
I have bought this pattern in the FQ Company sale. I couldn't resist it either!

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