Happy Birthday Auntie!

This was the birthday present I sent my auntie.  When I packed it, I was worried the little penny rug would get lost in the tissue paper so I wrapped it in a piece of neon green tissue paper and wrote on the card that she should look for it.  Well, she didn't and threw the tissue paper in the dumpster!  She emailed me and thanked me for the turkey but not the penny rug so I called her and told her to look for it-that's how I found out it was in the dumpster.  My aunt's husband, who is obviously awesome, dug in the dumpster until he found it for her!  She is pleased to have all of her birthday present.  

So now I am stitching a matching penny rug for me-in honor of Ray!


Joy said…
Ray IS pretty awesome. I'm glad the rug was found because it is my favorite part of this gift. Good job!
Kigwit said…
Awww, thanks Joy! BTW, Ron wants to know when you are going to update your blog. ;-)
Houseelf said…
Glad it was found. A lot of work went into it. I once had a beautifull wrapped brooch. It turned out it be a button inside. We had a laugh about that as the wrapping was so pretty.

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