We are excitedly celebrating Advent this year. We've got our wreath, that we light before dinner each night with prayers. And back again is our cookie bowl count down Advent calendar. This year Tig got to go first! The boyos were very excited. We also have the chocolate Advent calendars-they tried to convince me last night that they could open as many windows as they wanted. It's good for them to learn how to delay gratification, isn't it?

Of course, Advent really started Sunday at Mass. It was fun to remind Red to look and see what was different at church. The first thing he noticed was that it was dark-they kept the lights low until the Mass had begun. He also noticed the big Advent wreath, the purple hangings and the new purple vestments that Father wore. He was very excited to get home to light our wreath!


Anonymous said…
Great advent calender. I love the changes in the season which help us remember the special times throughout the year.

Thanks for popping in. Have you read Horwood's sequels to Wind in the Willows?
Kigwit said…
Yes, I have! I thought they were a pretty good try to continue the story.

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