Table Runner for Gma

I quilted the table runner for Gma on Sunday. I had brought all my supplies over to my mother's as my brother was there with his kids and I wanted to see them and let my boyos play with them. It didn't go well. My mom's sewing set up is different than mine and I didnt use enough basting spray so after I quilted two lines I had to rip it out. *sigh*

We made two trips to JoAnns. The first to get some more serger thread-guess who is going to hem her summer dresses? And then DH and my kayak-obsessed brother wanted us to meet them there so they could pick out some nylon. They want me to make a splash skirt, a tonneau cover and an ill-advised sail for the kayak. Does the Coast Guard answer 911? I need to find out before they try out the sail.

After the boyos and I got home I pulled out my machine and quilted the table runner. The boyos are obsessed with the machine so I kept bribing them with cookies to let me finish. I was able to get it quilted and the binding sewn on. Then DH and brother came home and started working on building what they called a flower box and I called a pram. So I was able to finish hand-sewing the binding.

The table runner looked a little bare so I made two yo-yos and sewed them on with buttons. The shape of it makes me think it looks like a baby quilt! The measurements are 22 by 30.5 inches .But it will look nice on Gma's kitchen island. I used polyester batting on this quilt and I will never use it again. It is tooooooo lofty. I'll stick to warm n' natural from here on out. It isn't that expensive, especially with the generous coupons from JoAnns.

I put the runner in the mail Tuesday. I hope Gma gets it before Easter. She's out of the hospital now and I know she's upset that she won't be able to come to visit. I'm hoping she can come this summer. We're kind of in a catch-22: it's getting harder for her to travel and it's harder for me and the boyos to visit her house. Her home is lovely but full of breakable things that fascinate the boyos.


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