Still here . . .

Well I *planned* to be better about updating my blog-especially over Christmas break-but I guess I've been too busy with the nee-nees.

Red grabbed a remnant at JoAnns one day and for some reason I kept obsessing over it. So when Spring Break arrived and I was cutting out for Red's penguin quilt I thought I would go ahead and cut it and some red and black out so I would have it ready whenever I got sewing time. Well, the quilt was very demanding and insisted on pushing to the head of the queue. In fact, it held me in a tight grip and pushed me until I made two quilts! Here are Thing One and Thing Two.

Thing One will be for my long suffering DH and Thing Two will be for my dear cousin and his bride. I know DH likes his and I really hope Cousin and CousinInLaw will like theirs. This quilt demanded to go to them-it was really quite insistent.


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