I finished!

Yesterday I finished my Christmas tree skirt! On
Saturday DH managed to get both boys to nap at the
same time. I grabbed the sewing machine and sewed on
the binding. I still had embroidery to do but I can,
sort of, do that when the boyos are awake. I will
probably re-sew the top part of the binding. I tried
to pin it and it isn't as smooth as the lower edge
binding that I just held in place. I finished the
small amount of embroidery Sunday morning while Tig
was sleeping and immediately started putting up the
Christmas tree.

It looks really nice even though we have the whole
tree behind a safety gate to keep the boyos from
pulling it over. This pattern was from Plum Creek
Collectibles-I love her patterns. In fact, I even
bought more last week!


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