Quickie update

1. clean one of Mom's closets a month-one closet done
but I was over there this weekend and it was full of
junk. She actually shoved stuff in there. It was so
tidy. Should I just give up?
2. blog my projects-Needs improvement!
3. sleep with DH- ;-)
4. teach DS#1 to talk-DS#1 is enrolled and receiving
services from ECI and we had a school appointment on
5. craft more-did a little this weekend-made two
choo-choo blankies for Red.
6. fill in the front flowerbed-Done and it's
7. organize my attic-well started!
8. organize my homedesk-done!
9. organize my closet-well started!
10. work on the baby books for *both* sons-Maybe I
should keep these books at work for my breaks?


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