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I love this fabric so much . . .

I would marry it.

I only bought a yard last Sunday as I am planning to use it for Spaceboy (from WeeWonderfuls of course). But now I'm thinking I may want to use it for a twin size comforter for Red someday. So I would need two more yards. And a pillow to match-another yard. And what if I think of something else for it? Should I buy the whole bolt? It *is* on sale.

I also plan to make the Wee Wonderfuls robot for my dear Piglet who had knee replacement surgery. She's a little down right now-it's a long haul to heal for her-and maybe it will cheer her up. These are the fabrics I bought (along with some green and orange for a future project).


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on the other BOM. . .

So now I'm working on BOM #2.  This one isn't nearly as old-this is from 2017!  I blithely made one block and then (as usual) I got stuck on the next one.

I don't remember the name of this one but it was fairly easy to sew.
This block is the arrowhead.  I had a tough time (obviously) with this one.  I still didn't get it right but decided to move on.  My sister recommended I try to make the block with some other fabric just to check it out.  The base for the arrowhead is 2 x 2.5 inches.  I bet I am sewing it together with the wrong orientation.  I hope I can try it out tonight but I have a cub scout committee meeting.  I started on the corner blocks this weekend and finished one.  I'll try to take some pics tonight.

Blue Ramona

This is my second 30's basket block.  I made this yesterday and really enjoyed it.  I've need to remember to be careful how I cut the basketweave fabric.  I think I only have a yard of it.

A New Year!

They say that whatever you do on New Year's Day, you'll do all year.  So I baked a pie, a pan of yeast rolls and finished knitting a pair of fingerless mitts and my Patriotic Pineapples Quilt! This is a horrible cell phone pic but it was too cold to go outside last night!  Today I blocked my Indigo Summer Shawl but I don't have a good pic of that one yet.
I guess I should be thinking about what I want to work on for the next year. I would really like to finish my Broderie Perse quilt.  And I absolutely need to make my nephew's Eagle quilt.  And as it looks like Magpie is graduation in December of this new year, I better get cracking on her quilt too!  I would also like to fit a pj pattern for Tig.  He needs a seat adjustment to be more comfortable.  The last pair I made him were huge! But he wears them just the same.