feeling knitty. . .

I bought this Wildfoote yarn ages ago when I first learned to knit.  I really wanted to make my sister the Girly Girl socks from the Spin-Off Socks publication.  And by a long time ago, I mean seventeen or eighteen years ago.  For some reason this spring I kept thinking about this yarn and this pattern.  Finally I said "self, you've been knitting for eighteen or nineteen years.  Don't you think you have enough experience to try this pattern?"  So in May I decided to try it out.  It turned out pretty well but I put it aside for beach knitting on Memorial Day.  Girly Girl is now my car knitting.

I succumbed to the Mason Dixon Knitting ball band dishcloth over Memorial Day-and have since bought more dishcloth yarn! 

Then on June 1st it was time for Camp Loopy.  I'm making the Herbology Shawlette using the yarn shown here.  This is my main knitting for June.  I'm currently on the ruffle side of the shawlette.  After I finish the ruffle I need to go back to the short-row side and redo the bind off.  It's really tight and there is no way I will be able to block this out properly.


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