So close!

I cannot believe how close Christmas is.  I'm working all this week and Christmas is a week from today!  How did that happen?  Last night I realized I absolutely had to get my packages in the mail so I knocked out this apron for my sister:
Ignore the little foot there!

My inlaws really liked the quilt I gave them.  My MIL even said that she knew I put a lot of time into it-she's not crafty but her mom was so she does have some idea of  how long something can take.  My FIL was pleased as well.

So, I've got to make a pair of pjs for my nephew, finish some stitching on the gingerbread aprons (I'd really like to make something for my baby niece out of this gingerbread pattern, maybe a  pinny)  and, most importantly, finish my mom's quilt! I am really behind on it.  I've sewn the blocks together and now need to get the rows sewn.  I'm hoping I can do that tonight.  Actually, if I sew the rows tonight, do the borders tomorrow, then I could possibly layer and start quilting Friday when the boyos are off camping.


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