I saw a red gingham pinwheel quilt in a magazine around Christmas time.  I started this on Christmas break, I think, and put it away.  Boy did it go together fast on my new Horizon!  Which, by the way, the boyos have decided I should call Mr. Jeremy Fisher!

Here is a full pic-I'm still wondering if I should add a white border.  The pinwheel fabric is from Sew Cherry.  It is great red!


Joy said…
I LOVE this one! You know I'm a sucker for the color scheme though. :)
Kigwit said…
Thanks Joy! But I get to keep this one!
Houseelf said…
Lovely lovely and so Christmassy. Yes I would add a white border and sew some red or gingham yo yos on it or if it was going to be just for Christmas put some striped candy canes on.

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