Been busy

I have been busy working on things but some I can't post due to the Santa Sack Swap. Don't want to ruin the surprises for my swap partner Barb.

In other exciting news, I received a PIF from Houseelf! Isn't this pinwheel quilt adorable? It was beautifully wrapped in red polka dotted paper and tied with red ribbon-I was too excited to take a picture of it before I opened it. Thank you Houseelf!Houseelf also sent a Wind in the Willows greeting card. I've got it up in my office. We both love Willows so I love the card. (Sorry about the glare!) You can see Toad, Ratty and Mole down in the lower right-hand corner. Canary colored carts! The way it works, when you receive a PIF, is that you have one year to Pay-It-Forward to three people. I don't know if I have three people reading this blog but if you are interested in receiving a PIF let me know!

I'm still slowly working on my first applique block for my applique group. I'm going to finish this project but I think I need a project with variety. This one big ole piece of red is getting to me.

I also received two quilts back from Karen the Quilter. Haven't taken pics of those yet but they are gorgeous! I'll try to get pics up later this week.


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