Grandma's quilt

My MIL gave me this quilt last weekend when we went up to see the trailer. Her mother made it and MIL kept it to use in the trailer. I am thrilled to have it. Her mother was a very crafty lady (I have a crocheted afghan that she made) and I love this quilt. The squares are made from clothes and on the bottom row two of the blocks are from my MIL's dress. It's the two blocks with the squares on them. Each block is like a mini quilt. Each block is sewed shut and then the squares are all zigzagged together on the backside. MIL suggested I sew a backing on it but I kinda like it just the way it is. Thanks MIL for sharing your mom with me!


Joy said…
I love quilts with a history like this one. It is beautiful without it, but knowing the story makes it all the more beautiful.

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