The day improves!

So this morning the tire goes kaplooey on my car. DH follows me over to the tire shop, deals with the new tire business, and then I ask him to take me to the Upstairs Studio to pick up some knitting needles. This is the Real Emergency as I have a doctor's appointment this arvo and I left my knitting at home. I pick up the last set of size one brittany's (they come in sets of six now, how handy!) and mention that I want to look at the sock yarn.

Clarice shows us the yarn and (love this) shows us what is on sale. I was looking at some brown yarn as I am wearing a lot of brown lately and need some new socks. DH grabs some grey and asks if I will make matching socks for him and the boys! Isn't that adorable? Then he grabs another skein so I can make a pair for me as well. I wander off to look at a spinning wheel and we end up with this:
The grey is for the whole family, the bright blue and pink is for matching socks for the boys and me and the brown is just for me! He asked if this was a good anniversary present (coming up on the 14th!) and I said yes (heck yes!). I asked if all this knitting was his anniversary present from me and he said yes!

Do I have the best DH or what?


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