Ugh! I got rearended Monday on the way to work. Thankfully I had dropped the boyos off at their Montessori school. I would have completely freaked if they had been in the car. I was really dizzy and nauseous so my friend took me to the ER. I had a CT scan to make sure I didnt have a brain injury-so at least I know I have a brain! The ER dudes told me that I would have a Really Bad Day for the next few days. My neck and back are really stiff and sore and I can't even stitch for any length of time.

Grrr. I hope this is all settled quickly and easily. I just want my car back to the way it was.

Last night I let Red spend a little time stitching. He was so excited to do it and v. proud of his work. And Baby T showed off a new skill: he sat up unassisted!


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