knitting socks

Ordinarily, I love to knit socks. I love to cast on and I love the sense of accomplishment when turning the heel. I love the sense of satisfaction when I kitchener the toe. But right now? I don't want to knit socks. Specifically, I dont want to knit DH's Father's Day socks or the yellow socks.

What do I want to knit? Hmm. I think I want to knit the entrelac Market Squares bag. I have the yarn. I plan to knit it in coffee colours.

I also want to knit a sweater from Big Girl Knits. I am wearing my short sleeved sweaters I bought last summer from Kohls. I bought five of them to wear to work as I needed something that would fit over "The Girls" (my breasts were HUGE when I started breastfeeding). They are a little too short for me as I am long waisted and most of them have a band at the hip which is not a particularly good look for me. If they were two or three inches longer it wouldnt be so bad. I would love to knit something that actually fit properly and looked nice.

Saturday night DS fell asleep early and I reknit, for hopefully the last and final time, the neckband for his wallaby sweater. I need to take it in to find a button. My sister recommended a wooden button to go with the tweediness of the yarn. He looks so cute in it. I hope we get some cool weather this winter so he can actually wear it! I ended up using a few yards of the last ball of yarn (I had tucked it away in the phone book cabinet while doing the last dash through the house before our guests last month). I guess I can knit him a hat to go with it.


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