DS has a big melon.

I am just about finished knitting the wallaby for DS. I was about to knit the neckband at work on Monday and thought it looked a little small. DH thought so and so did Crafty Woman. So I slipped the neck stitches onto some waste yarn and tried it on DS that evening. It was plenty big. So I started the neckband on the 7 needles that I was knitting with and then switched to some 6s so it would be a little snugger. At this point I ran out of yarn! I have another skein of this yarn but I hate to use a couple inches of it. I just want to return it! So I kitchenered the underarms and used the left over to finish the neckband.

I need just a few minutes to weave in all my ends and then I'm done!!

I'm still knitting on some yellow Opal Magic. I'm not too hot about this colourway. When I bought it I thought I needed some yellow socks but why I don't know.


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