New knitters

A couple of years ago one of my coworkers, Club Girl, asked me to teach her to knit. She wanted to knit a throw like I was knitting at the time so for her birthday I gave her the pattern and a set of needles (big fat circular needles). She never got the yarn. So I gave her a skein of practice yarn and told her to pick up some smaller needles and I would teach her. No needles. So I finally said I would bring her some needles. And I never did. Until this week.

I started out by teaching her the English method as most people I have taught prefer that way. She tried and struggled with it. Then yesterday I showed her the continental way. And guess what? She's a natural continental knitter. I've never met anyone who was.

Another coworker, Crafty Woman, was watching me teach Club Girl and said that it made her want to do it too. She picked up some needles and a booklet on the way home that night and has been a knittin' fool ever since!

I started Club Girl on a ribbed scarf today. I have no idea what Crafty Woman is going to make. She just keeps knitting and ripping out as she *needs* to have perfectly tensioned and shaped stitches. LOVE HER.


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